GEHC Story

Serving Gratiot County residents for nearly 50 years!

Gratiot Emergency Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit human services organization working with several Gratiot County, Michigan agencies to provide relief for Gratiot County families that qualify. If a resident of Gratiot County, MI has a sudden or emergency expense related to their home, and has been referred by DHS, 8-CAP Inc. or Salvation Army, GEHC may be able to help.



 “Paying It Forward”

At GEHC, we provide short-term financial aid to local individuals and families who might be having difficulties with their housing situation.  In order to help as many people as we can, we encourage all of our clients, after they have received help to “pay it forward.”  This voluntary effort to repay without interest the money GEHC forwarded on your behalf, will enable us to continue to provide financial aid to others in the community who are struggling with their housing finances.  At GEHC we hope that the aid we provide does more than pay the bills for a short time, but that it provides a foundation for self-sustainability and stability.



We are always looking for volunteers who want to contribute their time and energy to a great cause in our county.  We seek people who care about others and are willing to serve as an officer, board member, or case worker.  Currently, we are in greater need for case-workers who are the front line of contact with clients who are in need of our services.  Please give us a call and learn more about how you can become involved, and make a difference in our community!  GEHC meets once a month on the second Thursday (8:00 a.m.) at the Wilcox Center in Alma.  We’d love to hear from you!  Simply call 989-285-1095 to speak to a knowledgeable GEHC representative.

Donating to a great cause

If you are in the spirit of giving a donation to GEHC your dollars will go a long way in assisting our area residents who are in need.  It is important to share that dollars contributed to GEHC go directly to our clients and their needs.  We are a totally volunteer organization with only a small budget for office needs and internet service.  Thank you for considering GEHC!!  Interested contributors may call 989-285-1095 to learn how to donate to GEHC.  We are a 501c3 non-taxable organization so your donation may be tax deductible.


Here is what the DATA says about GEHC

For only the 7 months of 2016 GEHC has paid out $15,469.49 to support residents/families in Gratiot County.

For 2016 97% of all monies received by GEHC goes directly to helping people…$462.77 (3%) goes towards office supplies, postage, and internet service.

Our officers and board members are truly volunteers…..
there are no paid staff members for the GEHC 

         During just the month of July, 13 of our clients contributed to “paying it forward” by working on paying back their loans from GEHC

Over the years since we began in 1969 we have assisted thousands of people who need help to either locate a place to live , or stay in their homes!



GEHC….doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons…..
helping the residents of Gratiot County.