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Gratiot Emergency Housing Corporation
P.O. BOX 611
Alma, MI 48801

Phone Number: 989-466-0709

Email Address:


GEHC Board of Directors                              

President-Ray Nichols
Vice-President-Gary Shirely
Secretary-Mary Anne Evans-Justin
Treasurer-Clara Molby
Treasurer –Marita Harkness
Executive Director-Chuck Sandro
Board Member-Susan Whitford
Board Member-Dean Mitchell
Board Member- Jean Gibson
Board Member-Sandie Fisher
Board Member –Jim Mazzuca
Board Member Marilyn Lorenz
Board Member-Sarah McClurg
Board Member-Ruth Cool
Board Member-Lezlie Anderson

Board Members sign and pledge the following;
“I ___________________(name) swear or affirm that all private information I see or hear, as I work or volunteer for Gratiot Emergency Housing Corporation will be kept and remain confidential and I will not communicate it in any way to friends, relatives or anyone outside of Gratiot Emergency Housing Corporation at anytime now or in the future. “
(Each of these statements are signed by board members and witnessed and dated)


GEHC is always willing to assist other organizations to understand what  our purpose and/or mission is.  Please do not hesitate to contact Executive Director Chuck Sandro at 989-285-1095 to request a speaker from GEHC to present our story.