Our Priorities….

are simply our mission statement. To help Gratiot County residents deal with an unsuspected housing emergency when other sources of funding fall short; To have funding to assist those residents in need; To have a totally volunteer organization of committed people willing to help others and GEHC; And, lastly….As GEHC has helped your emergency by paying money on your behalf, that you will repay those interest free funds so together we can “pay it forward” for another Gratiot County resident.

Monthly Testimonial

Last year due to an accident, my husband was out of work for several months.  We got behind on all our payments, but the toughest one was our heat bill.  With winter coming on we knew we had to find a way to catch up so we could be warm in the winter.  After getting assistance from DHHS and 8CAP, we were still short the amount needed to fill our propane tank.  Someone directed us to Gratiot Emergency Housing Corporation.  The volunteer there sat down with us andhelped us work out a budget, they called the propane company and arranged for the tank to be filled, and they paid close to $300 on our behalf.  My husband has recovered now and is back to work.  We are able to not only keep up our payments, but we have begun to “pay it forward” by sending a little bit each month to GEHC so that others can be helped in their time of need.

Mr. and Mrs. Winters


Our September Energy Tip


ID-10022911Time to start thinking about Fall and Winter.  Have you checked with 8Cap to see if you qualify for some energy saving home repairs?  Get windows caulked, put insulation on outlet covers, weather stripping on windows and doors.  If you have a crawl space make sure that your water pipes are protected from the cold-trailer skirting helps, or build a little insulated wooden box around the place where your water enters the house.